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As for 1, the hymen always has an opening of some sort over the vagina regardless of sexual experience it's a medical problem if it doesn'tso many women can fit a finger or two in there without tearing it. Why the water did not stop? But what I can say, and I say with respect for all cultures, is that I think it makes a lot of sense to identify and question double-standards, like the idea that it's okay in a given culture for males to think about sex or masturbate before marriage or during or withoutbut not for women. Even when it stretches it doesn't always cause bleeding. People sometimes develop genital infections without having had any kind of sex at all, or without getting sexually excited.

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Of course, the tricky part when it comes to a realistic conception of the vagina is convincing other people, particularly in cultures or communities where that idea is still pervasive and part of traditions for instance, they may do Kukari ki Rasam in your areaand where the truth about female bodies is kept secret or rarely discussed.

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My culture insists on virginity: did I break my hymen with masturbation?

May a girl break her hymen only from chatting dirty many times in a day for a month or two month. I also think we can probably agree that if any of us are being held to certain standards by others, the very least we deserve is to be informed of what, exactly, those standards are. I also feel very hot from down. Familiarize yourself with Reddit Please know, whether your hymen is broken or not, that it is up to YOU and no one else to decide if you are or are not a virgin.

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hymen in girls who masturbate
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hymen in girls who masturbate
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