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These phenomena are two sides of the same coin with macrophiles fantasizing about larger beings, microphiles fantasizing about smaller beings and a crossover contingent fantasizing about both. Well on the subject of opening up about unusual things that really get us going… Armour. This being the Internet the copyright issues were laughed off, but consent was a trickier question to answer. My poor Yorkshire TerrierOnasiseventually ran and hid from me after I'd alter him from the size of a cockroach to that of a Shetland pony. So along with the rest of the baggage, I get to know that a chunk of society would criminalize my imagination if they had their way. I walked over to the dumbbells which were engrave with the legend 25 lbs. I sawed cutouts where a tiny door and several little windows would be install ed.

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Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor What do you do if you have a weird fetish that you think no one else shares?

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Gay Macrophilia: A Sexual Fantasy of Great Proportions

I didn't know if I could do the same for myself, and I wasn't about to flatten myself to find out, but it did present some very intriguing possibilities of things I could enjoy with my new boy toy! I'm a recently, retir ed college professor, albeit a local community college. His jet black hair was plastered to his head by the wet cum that still dripped from him. The moment the ring was solidly in place on my finger, the smoke, the light, all of it, revers ed their weave and whoosh ed their way inside the ring, like the fabl ed genie in the lamp, and my hand was once again mobile and fre ed from its former captivity. He was hirsute and muscular, and like myself, versatile in the ways of man to man love. It landed directly on top of my little man and completely smashed him! The dumbbells were now far too big for his smaller hands to grasp and he could barely lift them.

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