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Being an obedient slave to this person, in Hinata's mind, felt like the most fitting thing in the world. It was the first time her enhanced rear was touched, and while the pleasure wasn't as intense as her udder, the feelings were still enjoyable all the same. It was beyond anything a human should be able to take. If she were here…. I will now call out your team. The couple began their erotic activities anew, and it only took mere minutes before Hinata cried out in orgasm, filling the tubes attached to her udder with milk once again.

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They parted as Naruto said, "Isaribi!

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Hinata would have rather her udder be squeezed, but she didn't mind her breasts being touched either. Both of them were living perfect lives in their eyes. Leaning in, she whispered into Hinata's ear. Why she was pushing she didn't know, but her instincts cried out for her to push. If her breasts alone let out this much, how much would her over-bloated udder let out? There was not an inch of their bodies that wasn't licked, sucked, groped, or kissed by the other.

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