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Wrote a New York Times reporter, quoting a social scientist: Mimicking requests for drug-and-disease free partners who will verify their identities with a picture, posters use Craigslist Speak to indicate their own physical characteristics and the qualities they seek in their partners. Methods by Chapter Although each chapter in my dissertation followed roughly the coding procedure described in previous pages, there were significant differences between the chapters in terms of sample size, availability of data, attributes of data sampled, etc. This dissertation intervenes in debates about the role of sexual emancipation online, as well as with the potential implications that cultural ideology has for online- mediated forms of sexual representation. Bynews framing shifted from Craigslist as a curiosity and social ill to Craigslist as an explicit risk to life and public health. Candid, up-front personals, such as those on Craigslist or various apps, can help smooth the way for more satisfying sexual and emotional relationships. Stigma against online sexuality has been especially pervasive during an era when new technologies and alternative sexualities represent compounded moral threats.

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On Casual Encounters forums, posters articulate their sexual orientations, sexual desires, and cultural sexual values Reynolds,thus providing a window into sexual identity construction at the individual level.

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San Fernando Valley Trans in Los Angeles (72)

In order to avoid reductionism, I followed a specific protocol for establishing holistic codes. Although coverage continued to include crime reports of traffickers and exploited women and teens, more recent coverage invalidated concerns about trafficking on Craigslist altogether. Regardless of whether LGBTQ and feminist online magazines described Craigslist as a focal point for art or as a less-desirable alternative to other dating platforms, stories were attentive to the ways that LGBTQ folks and feminists rely on Craigslist in their everyday lives. LGBTQ and feminist online magazines identified homophobia and misogyny as the two primary threats to online dating culture. Trans Los Angeles, LA. This dissertation theorizes the role of normalizing judgment in determining media representations of online sexuality.

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