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Some windows have been left ajar, and from there emerges the stench of rotting fruit from the dark interior, clothes and half-empty cigarette packs scattered about dingy rooms and beds with metal bars. She said the man told her he would take care of the necessary approvals to enter Lebanon Syrians need visas now to enter the country but was surprised when he told her after a few hours of driving that they were already in the country, having crossed the border through a smuggling route. Some of the girls were as young as 18 and the oldest were in their mids. Not everyone involved with the industry is as forthcoming as Jad. The United Nations says it's encouraged by a recent bust of a major Beirut prostitution ring- but believes ongoing volatility in Syria exposes a growing number of potential victims. Every Saturday night, while sleek Dior-clad women sip cocktails at luxurious rooftop clubs, super nightclub women just 20 minutes away don halter tops and micro-minis and prepare for work. Caritas is a Beirut-based non-government organisation that helps trafficking survivors through a range of programs.

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The law also requires that victims of trafficking prove that they were compelled to act as prostitutes.

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Lebanon sex trafficking: Syrian woman describes nine-month ordeal

Owners import women, usually from Eastern Europe or Morocco, to work in their clubs under an "artist" visa. She said women who had not yet lost their virginity when they arrived at the shelter had their hymens broken with a bottle. Jad owns a "super nightclub," one of approximately in Lebanon, most of which are located in the town of Maameltein — just 20 minutes away from the glitzy clubs and high-end boutiques of Beirut. Download our free app on the App Store or Google Play for the latest headlines and breaking news alerts. There have been no known convictions for sex trafficking in the country since the law was passed.

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